Government Engineering College Ajmer is referred erstwhile as ECA. It is an autonomous institution of Government of Rajasthan located in Ajmer(India) established in 1997. The campus is built on around 300 acres of land and is surrounded by beautiful Aravali. The campus has many buildings consisting of Main Building, First Year and Electronics Block, Civil Engineering Block, Electrical Engineering Block, Mechanical Workshop, Central Library and Guest House. . . . .Read more


अभियांत्रिकी महाविद्यालय अजमेर, अरावली श्रृंखला की सुरम्य हरितिम उपत्यका में पुष्प की भाँति पल्लवित पुष्पित है. यह संस्थान महर्षि दयानंद की कर्मभूमि, तीर्थराज पुष्कर व विश्वप्रसिद्ध दरगाह के सामीप्य में सामाजिक समरसता के वातावरण में तकनीकी शिक्षा का नवतीर्थ है. संस्थान के उपर्वर्णित ध्येय वाक्य के अनुसार शुभ विचारों का संस्थान में सदा स्वागत है.तकनीकी शिक्षा ज्ञान, परंपरा व कौशल के संतुलन से ही समृद्ध हो सकती है. सुयोग्य व विद्वान शिक्षकों व कर्मठ तकनीकी प्रशासनिक कर्मियों के मार्गदर्शन में मेधावी विद्यार्थियों की शिक्षा दीक्षा के लिये संस्थान एक आदर्श गुरुकुल है. संस्थान के पूर्व छात्रों को देश विदेश के कई शोध व तकनीकी समूहों ने जााँच परख कर नियुक्तियाँ दी हैं. . . . . .Read more

Its every student’s dream to get a desired placement before passing out from the college, so that he/she can EARN. Knowledge is power, it is the master-key to any treasure you want, hence students should LEARN well to EARN well. All the students of our college have immense potential, they just need to believe in themselves and persevere to achieve what they want. I wish them all the best.

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Campus Placement Drive of Metacube on 15/12/2018    26/11/18  

Campus Placement Drive of Meditab Group of Companies on 19/12/2018    26/11/18  

Campus Placement Drive of Appcino on 22/12/2018    26/11/18  

Congratulations to All Selected in TCS Drive    26/10/18

Congratulations to All Selected in Motherson Sumi Drive dated 23rd October 2018    26/10/18

Congratulations to All Selected in Intime Tec Drive Held At GWECA    26/10/18

Shortlisted Students for Interview of Motherson Sumi have to report to TPO Room Sharp by 5:30    23/10/18

This is the list of students who meets the eligibility criteria for Motherson Sumi drive. Anyone whose name is not in the list report to latest by 7:00 PM on 19/10/2018    18/10/18

Name of students added for Intime tec drive    17/10/18

Seating Arrangement For InTime Tech. Drive on 18th October    17/10/18

List Of Eligible Students For InTime Tech, Jaipur Drive On 18th October.    16/10/18

Placement Drive of InTime Tech, Jaipur At GWECA on 18th October. Please Report At GWECA By 8:00 A.M On 18th.    16/10/18

Pool Drive of Motherson Sumi on 23rd October and 24th October. View Link For Details Regarding Drive.    15/10/18

1st Amendment in the Placement Policy Applicable From 6th October 2018    11/10/18

Amendment in placement policy (Please Read)    09/10/18

Original Placement Policy    09/10/18

Congratulations to All Selected in Sopra Steria Drive dated 05-Oct-2018    05/10/18

WorldPay Drive Details    02/10/18

Congratulations to all selected in Mengage drive dated on 12.09.2018.    30/09/18


GoTeSo - Goyal Technology Solutions    29/09/18

Vishal Megamart Drive    29/09/18

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Congratulation to All Selected in ATMECS Drive Dated 25 Sept 2018    26/09/18

Sopra Steria pool campus drive    21/09/18

Registration Link For IT Job Fair at Government Polytechnic College Jodhpur Dated 26 & 27 Sept    20/09/18

IT Job Fair at Government Polytechnic College Jodhpur Dated 26 & 27 Sept    20/09/18

Registration Link For Pool campus at GIT, Jaipur(BestPeers Infosystem) for CS and IT dated 26th September 2018    20/09/18

Pool campus at GIT, Jaipur(BestPeers Infosystem) for CS and IT dated 26th September 2018    20/09/18

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Result of First Round of MEngage Corporation Placement Drive    12/09/18

Pool campus at Manipal University, Jaipur for CS and IT dated 24th September 2018    11/09/18

TCS National Qualifier Test Result Held On 2nd & 3rd September, 2018    07/09/18

Placement Drive of MEngage, Jaipur at Govt. Engineering College, Ajmer on 12.9.2018    07/09/18

Congratulations to All Selected in Robert Bosch Drive dated 05-Sept-2018    06/09/18

Placements Record upto 5.9.2018    06/09/18

These Students are required to fill the TPO Database as soon as possible.    31/08/18

Congratulations to Kaushal Surana for getting selected in TCS    30/08/18

Notice for Placement Drive of Robert BOSCH at RCEW, Jaipur on 4.9.2018    28/08/18

Robert Bosch Placement Drive on 4th and 5th September, 2018, click for details    27/08/18

Guidelines for TCS National Qualifier Test 2018-19    16/08/18

India Smart Cities Fellowship (ISCF) & Internship (ISCI) : An initiative by Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, Govt. of India    15/08/18

EPAM Hiring 2019 Pass outs for India Office - Instructions for Online Test from 10-8-2018 to 20-8-2018    10/08/18

Instructions for TCS National Qualifier Test for 2019 batch    10/08/18

Personal Interviews for 3rd year and 2nd year who are willing to work as student coordinator are scheduled on 07 Aug at 10:45 pm    06/08/18

Congratulations to All Selected in Denso Haryana Pvt. Ltd. Drive dated 03-Aug-2018    03/08/18

Result of First Round of Denso Haryana Pvt. Ltd. Written Test    03/08/18

Accenture Innovation Challenge: Inspire the innovators of tomorrow!!!!!    27/07/18

Achievement of Students : Ms. Simran Jain & Mr. Bhavesh Sharma    23/07/18

TPO Database Submission(Offline and Online ) for 4th year Before 28 July to your respected branch TPO coordinator    23/07/18

Congratulations to the Simran Jain(CSE) & Bhavesh Sharma(ECE) to get selected in Silicon Valley By Govt. of Rajasthan.    23/07/18

Training Curriculum for Employability Skills Training    17/07/18

Employability Skills Training registration for III year students, up to 1.8.2018    17/07/18

Registration for TPO Coordinator is now open. Last date for registration is 5th of August.    16/07/18

TCS Recruitment 2018    11/07/18

Register for CodeVita Season 7 and Participate to win prize money and get opportunities    04/07/18

Notice for Placement Drive of Apperio at JECRC University, Jaipur on 26.5.2018 for CS, IT & ECE    18/05/18

Opportunity for students in Rajasthan to visit Silicon Valley on an all expense paid trip!    14/05/18

TCS CodeVita Season 7_Register Now    14/05/18

TPO Meet'18 Government Engineering College, Ajmer    06/04/18

Notice for Campus Quotient Connect training Program    03/04/18

Application Form for 60 Days Summer Workshop on MACHINE LEARNING and DEEP LEARNING for COMPUTER VISION (SWMDC2018) on 18 May - 16 July, 2018 by IIT, BHU    02/04/18

Placed Students 2017 - 18 ( On 2.4.2018 )    02/04/18

Shortlisted students for ADI Drive dated 2.4.2018    02/04/18

Eligible candidates list for Campus Placement Drive of Analog Devices    31/03/18


Campus Placement Drive of Analog Devices Inc. on 2/4/2018 at 8:30 am    28/03/18

Following students have been selected for Arden Group    27/03/18

Internship Training for B.Tech. Students by CDAC Jaipur    27/03/18

Campus Placement Drive of Appirio at Manipal Jaipur    27/03/18

Result of Arden Group of written test    27/03/18

Motivation Talk of Sh. Abhinav Agarwal on 28/0318 at 11:30 am    26/03/18

Due to IT day celebration in Rajasthan from 18 to 21 March 2018, the drive of FACE is rescheduled on 28.3.2018    17/03/18

Motivation talk from Abhishek Saxena, Infosys ( ex alumini of GECA ) and Mr. Robin from Startup is scheduled on 17.3.2018 at 10.30 am in Computer center for final year and pre final year students    15/03/18

Campus Quotient ~ Poor attendance of students The above program is being organised for carrer bulding of students . Students are advised to refrain from absentiesm.    13/03/18

Notice for Internship Training Program of Arden dated 28.3.2018    09/03/18

Notice for Placement Drive of Arden dated 27.3.2018    09/03/18

Notice for Internship Training Program of KVCH - IBM Partner on 16.3.2018    09/03/18

Notice for Placement Drive of FACE dated 21.3.2018    09/03/18

Registration Link for FACE Recruitment 2018 | Associate Trainer | GOVERNMENT ENGINEERING COLLEGE,AJMER on 21/03/2018    08/03/18

Registration Link for Rajasthan IT Day and Job Fair , Jaipur dated 18 to 20/03/2018    08/03/18

Today is the last day for sending CV regarding Jio Recruitment. We've already sent all received CV's. Remaining will send tomorrow.    06/03/18

L&T Invites Applications for Engineers    24/02/18

Form to be submitted in training and placement cell for verification(B.Tech)    23/02/18

Campus Quotient Connect Shortlisted Students & their schedule for sessions    22/02/18

Result Of Metacube 1st Round    19/02/18

Lecture for Third Year 2017 students on placement preparation tips and soft skills    19/02/18

Training Letter for MCA    16/02/18

Training Letter for B.Tech (VI Sem)    15/02/18

Instruction for Metacube Drive dated 19.2.2018    14/02/18

Online Registration for Wipro Drive dated 22.3.2018    14/02/18

Following Students have been pre-shortlisted for Campus Quotient - out of which 30 students will be shortlisted finally on academic basis    07/02/18

Placed Students 2017 - 18 ( On 7.2.2018 )    07/02/18

TCS Remote Internship 3.0 for YOP 2019 (3rd Year)    31/01/18

Final List of Students selected for MotherSon Sumi Infotech Pvt. Ltd.    22/01/18

Result of Online Test of MIND-Infotech(MotherSon Sumi ) - Interview scheduled at 1:15 PM    20/01/18

Guest Lecture of Sh. Rajesh Kataria on 19.1.2018 in QEEE Room at 11.30am    17/01/18

Pool Campus Drive of MothersonSumi on 20.1.20187    16/01/18

GEC Ajmer - Campus Quotient Connect : All Final year students should appear in online test dated 11.1.2018 at 8.00 am    05/01/18

National Level Leadership Challenge” – HUNAR’ 17 " Interested students give their names upto 6.12.2017    02/01/18

CSI Start-up Entrepreneurship Awards    23/12/17

Announcement: Google is hiring interns for Summer 2018 through Internshala    21/12/17

Placed Students 2017 - 18    08/12/17

Important Instructions for TCS Placement Drive    04/12/17

Eligible Candidates for TCS Pool Campus Placement Drive at Jaipur on 5/12/2018    04/12/17

Pool Campus Placement Notice – IBS Software    04/12/17

List of Remote Interns who have been recommended for PPI in TCS    24/11/17

Notice for DORO Robotics & Unmanned System Exposition for Defence Applications    24/11/17

List of Short listed Students for IBM Drive    24/11/17

Notice for Wipro Pool Campus at RTU Kota on 1.12.2017    24/11/17

List of Eligible Students for IBM Drive tentative date 2 / 3.12.2017 ( Shortlist awaited )    17/11/17

Notice for Graduate Apprentices in GAIL Nasirabad    17/11/17

Notice for Registration on CEG Website for Placement    17/11/17

List of Students Shortlisted for the Pool Campus of NBC dated 1.12.2017    17/11/17

Notice for Pool Campus of NBC on 1.12.2017    17/11/17

Reporting time for Skilrock at MBM Jodhour is 9:00 AM also carry your Laptops if possible    09/11/17

SkilRock Placement Drive at MBM Engineering College , Jodhpur on 11.11.2017. Register by 10.11.2017 , 8:00am through E-mail or 11:00am in person at TPO    09/11/17

Revised Placement Policy    07/11/17

Notice for MCA    06/11/17

Important Changes in TCS Online Test Pattern    04/11/17

Notice: 6-Months Industrial Training for MCA Students    02/11/17

Morgan Stanley is organising India Campus Codeathon on November 11, 2017, Click here to register . Solve 6 challenges to get a chance to explore internship/full time opportunities    02/11/17

AICTE signs up with Youth4work. Now students across India have free access to Skill test & online Profiling at Youth4work to get Internship & Job opportunities . Click to follow    28/10/17

InfraMind "Discovering the next in IT” - A contest by TCS .    28/10/17

Result of Genus Power    13/10/17

Attention to all MBA/MCA students for Placements : Cognus Technology    11/10/17

Students are requested to go the View Profile section .If there are any changes please let us know by 29/09/2017, 10:00 AM    28/09/17