TCS Online Test Details

TCS Online Test Details

We wish to inform you of important changes happening in TCS recruitment process, primarily in the Online Test that is administered to students. This year onwards, the test shall consist of 4 sections, instead of the earlier 2. The duration, however, shall remain the same, i.e. 90 minutes. The details are:

1. Verbal Test - 10 Mins: This shall be similar to previous year's section
2. Quantitative Test - 40 Mins: This section will have only 20 questions now
3. Test on Programming Language Proficiency - 20 Mins: This section shall have 10 MCQ based questions related to basic programming concepts (on C language)
4. Coding Test: - 20 Mins: This section shall require the student to solve a coding problem real time using an in built compiler (on C Language)

Attached for your reference is a Sample Paper, along with guidelines for attempting Coding proficiency section.

IMPORTANT: Mock paper available online on under "Open Seesame - Coding Section". This is available as a Quick Link in Campus Commune (CC) homepage to all YOP 2018 candidates registered on CC. This section contains a practise coding question in C language (simulated on the lines with touchstone test environment). A student will be given limited number of attempts ( Up-to 10 ) to take up this practice problem.

Location of Open Seesame - Coding Section under Campus Commune
Section Page
Sample Questions
TCS Touchstone Test Coding Section Guidelines