NBA Accredited B.Tech. Courses:CE, ECE, EE, EIC, ME & "A" Grade Engineering College

Why Recruit?


Highly Qualified Faculty and Teaching Methodology

The institute is bestowed with highly qualified faculty and energetic faculty guiding students through every phase of learning. Great emphasis is laid on core fundamentals and concepts during the classes thus facilitating students the best learning environment inculcating the in-depth knowledge. Expert lectures delivered by distinguished academicians from eminent institutions and the professionals from corporate sector further amplifies the quality of education.

Industrial Exposure

Industry-Institute interaction is nurtured by organizing and coordinating frequent industrial visits thus so as to enable the students exposed to latest industry practices. Internships are especially important for engineering students to get some real-life experience.

Employability Skill Enhancement measures

Employability skill training program to be conducted under the aegis of TEQIP-III enabling an equal opportunity to a student to enhance his/her skills so as to match the requirements of industry thus augmenting his/her prospects of being employed.

GATE Training

GATE Training conducted under the aegis of TEQIP-III strengthen the quality of technical education & active participation in which benefit the students to brush up the technical knowledge acquired in the curriculum of engineering.

Exposure to academic programs within and outside the institute

Various seminars, workshops, and lectures conducted round the year provide students the opportunity to interact with eminent industrialists, researchers, and scientists. Students are encouraged to attend the seminars and conferences and within and outside the institute. Attending an academic conference/seminar provides an opportunity to the students/research scholars to build networks with other academics and experts in the same or similar field of studies all around the world and to share thoughts on recent advances and technological breakthroughs.

Research & Development

Projects accomplished under the supervision of the experienced faculty includes basic development and application-oriented research projects. Students are also encouraged to publish papers in peer-reviewed national and international conferences and journals. Presentation/Publication of a research-paper facilitates the student an opportunity to receive positive feedback and constructive criticism about their research. The exchange of ideas on fields of interests seeds the links for future collaborations across the world.

Training And Placement Cell

Training and placement cell provides best class companies and a good environment for best future , your knowledge and experience.


Academic Programs

The Institute admits nearly 700 students to undergraduate programs and another 300+ students to postgraduates and undergraduates.
Students from states such as Rajasthan, Utter Pradesh, Bihar, Tamil Nadu, and Madhya Pradesh also join A for various undergraduate
and postgraduate programs.


Admissions to B. Tech. are made through JEE(mains). Disciplines offered under the B. Tech. Programme.

  • Computer Engineering (NBA ACCREDITED)
  • Information Technology
  • Computer Science & Engineering (with Cyber Security)
  • Electronics & Communication Engineering (NBA ACCREDITED)
  • Electronic Instrumentation and Control Engineering (NBA ACCREDITED)
  • Electrical Engineering (NBA ACCREDITED)
  • Mechanical Engineering (NBA ACCREDITED)
  • Civil Engineering


The Master of Technology program is offered by all the Engineering Departments. The M. Tech program is of four semester duration first and second semesters are entirely coursework oriented. The third and fourth semester involves THESIS work.
Various programmes offered under M. Tech.

  • Computer Science & Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Digital Communication
  • Software Engineering
  • VLSI Design and Embedded Systems
  • Power Systems
  • Renewable Energy
  • Production Engineering


This program is offered by Department of Computer Science and Engineering. Admission to MCA programme of Ajmer are made every year and the students are provide the all facilities.


The admissions to the MBA programme are made on the basis of Common Admission Test which is well known as CAT. all the facilities are provided faculties are supportive.

  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Human Resource Management
  • Information Technology Management
  • Production and Operations Management


All the academic departments are involved in active participation in Ph.D. degree. Large number of research students are working in all the Academic departments for their Ph.D.




The Library is sanctum sanatorium in the temple of learning. The Central library has a collection of nearly 10000 books and bound periodicals. It subscribes 53 Indian and 237 International technical periodicals. It also subscribes 11 newspapers (04 Hindi + 07 English) and 17 popular magazines on different topics. The Central Library has fully computerized catalogue search facility available to users through intranet. In addition, the library has access to 6327 e-Journals from 1309 publishers, subscribed by IITs, IISCs. IIMs (17 Libraries). Online journals are also available from INDESTAICTE consortium.

Computer Centre

The Computer Centre is connected to Internet through 50 Mbps BSNL and 50 Mbps Airtel, 1 Gbps NKN lease line. With the security of Server room has 7 different servers of different specifications & computational power. Students have access to about 350 computers most of the computers are intel i5 equipped with latest hardware and software specifications. Parallel computing laboratory is also available. Computer Vision Robotics Laboratory with all suitable peripherals and software needed for the vision system have also been established.



The Ajmer encamps different departments which not only help in the smooth functioning of the academic activities but also provide the budding technocrats with the latest laboratory facilities for their technical upliftment and development of professional traits. Each department provides various lab facilities for the practical as well as research purpose.


Knowledge of latest research innovations is the key for developing the technical manpower of the nation due to the overgrowing demand of industry for research oriented technocrats. With this motto the Research and Consultancy Section at this Institute has grown significantly in the last few years on account of the faculty and researchers actively participating in research and development projects. Research comprises creative work undertaken on a systematic basis to increase the stock of knowledge, including knowledge of humans, culture and society, and the use of this stock of knowledge to devise new application in the world of technology.


Activities of Research & Consultancy Section

  • To frame and revise rules for Research & Development.
  • To provide guidance for submitting sponsored research proposals to funding agencies.
  • Recruitment and management of project staff.
  • Arranges special lecture of Academic, Research and Industrial relevance for latest knowledge.
  • Managing Institute funded research project for newly joined faculty members.
  • Conducting sensitization workshop for the faculty members to enhance the number of externally funded research projects.

Extra-Curricular Activities


Creative Art Society

The Creative Art Society is a group of creative mentors and members actively promoting the development of the “Artist in Everyone” for the expanding growth and diversity of talent among the students. Our vision is to be a vital presence of educational, motivational and interesting activities in the Engineering College, Ajmer inspiring: Cultural enrichment, Students' participation, and respect for talent. Our goal is to increase opportunities and appreciation for and through the Artworks hidden in the talented engineers. Creative art society encompasses an entire gamut of events that test the art skills and thought process of aspiring engineers from all branches with problems with the Arts and cultural knowledge as well as the intellect. Events like Speech coemption, Rangoli coemption, sketch coemption and etc. provide the perfect stage for young minds to display their talents.


The cadence of life touches right notes when it blossoms with all colours. Brushing of all shades of human emotion and artistic flair plays an important role in an all-round development. And this cultural Tarangini provides opportunity to all the students for the realization of this very purpose. The event is a culmination of sound and lights, of music and arts, of dances and drama, of thoughts and words, the perfect place to bring out the artist in everyone and to break the rut of daily life. Tarangini is an Annual cultural fest of ECA. The 3-day event is full of festivity, fun and frolic and fills the students with enthusiasm and a spirit of gaiety. This kind of programme unfalteringly inculcates a spirit of togetherness and team work and develops the organizational capabilities of the students.



The Athletics Meet and Josh are the annual sports events which keeps the ball rolling for students throughout the calendar. The students participate with zeal and inculcate the virtues of a true sportsman. The students are also encouraged to participate in events like Inter NIT sports meet. Sports are thoroughly promoted with the aim that leaders of tomorrow need to be good sportsmen. Ajmer students create a new level of sports in various inter college coemption.